Monday, March 3, 2014

Poland opens training camp ahead of Scotland friendly

The Polish national team opened its training camp today with two practice sessions as they prepare to take on Scotland on Wednesday.
  • Piotr Celeban is the only one missing. He'll arrive on Tuesday morning. 
  • Artur Boruc did not take part in the morning session, complaining of an injury. He did, however, train in the evening session. He should be ready to go on Wednesday. 
  • Robert Lewandowski did not participle in both of Monday's sessions. His status for Wednesday's friendly is questionable. A decision whether he will play against Scotland will be made on Tuesday. 
In other news, the Polish national team will be wearing their new home jerseys on Wednesday. The home jersey were not leaked, but look similar to the away jersey (which was leaked).

Also, Adam Nawalka mentioned during today's meeting with the press that the starting goalkeeper on Wednesday will play the full 90 minutes.


  1. Actually apparently it was leaked. It looks as expected. I'd like to see how it looks on a person before I judge it but looks rather boring compared to some of the other national team kits.

    1. I agree. Rather boring.

    2. Thats the away jersey not home

    3. If you went to the link, you would see that they posted both Home and Away.

  2. Lewandowski questionable...? whats wrong? I think he's the one that needs to practice with the team the most.


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